FACT///.community (Feminist Approaches to Computational Technology) seeks to promote dialogue, collaboration and support diverse voices in trans-disciplinary computational thinking and environments.

The community is a direct result of the Ada Lovelace Day Beyond Numbers  (2018) event held at the Sussex Humanities Lab (SHL). The aim of this particular event was to celebrate women, non-binary and transgender scientists, artists, musicians, researchers and thinkers whose works are based on scientific, technological and/or mathematical methods.

FACT///.community is currently led by Irene Fubara-Manuel and Sandra Nelson with Cécile Chevalier, and Sharon Webb, all with active roles in the Sussex Humanities Lab. FACT///.community was founded by Sharon Webb, Cécile Chevalier, and Ioann Maria Stacewicz (2018). Collectively, FACT///.community  continue to bring trans-disciplinary practice, ranging from history, digital arts, computer science and digital humanities.